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After Snoopers Charter, ‘Espionage Act’ Is Next For Theresa May’s UK Administration

After the United States plans to enact an executive order to remove travel from citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, UK Prime Minister Theresa May seconds the movement to the initial passing of the Investigative Powers Act or Snoopers Charter by passing an “espionage act.” This would — according to Reporters Without Borders — kill the entire industry of investigative journalism and whistleblowers nationwide.


A journalist from Reporters Sans Frontieres said the world is now living in a “Black Mirror episode and you don’t care.” The current UK government of Theresa May continued to push against press freedom according to the RSF’s 2016 World Press Freedom Index. The UK is currently 38th out of the 180 countries in the world.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May herself had pushed forward the Investigative Powers Act that would pardon and continue the allowance of all activities revealed and condemned by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Reporters note that the guarantee of anonymity for whistleblowers and sources used for stories is gone and it would become more difficult to peruse information that affected parties wish to hide.

The act would also consider all investigative journalism activities as espionage agents out to discredit parties. With espionage in the new act defined as being “capable of committing who not only communicates but also the one who collects information on company activities that are deemed private.



Internet Trolls Can Find Themselves Barred… A Bit

All they want is a reaction or at least attention from people who do not agree with them.

Regardless of who these individuals are, inciting people to harass others in public or virtual mobbing can be grounds for court action in the United Kingdom according to the new Crown Prosecution Service guidance.

According to Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders:

“The internet’s not an anonymous place where people can post without any consequences. People should think about their own conduct.

“If you are grossly abusive to people, if you are bullying or harassing people online, then we will prosecute in the same way as if you did it offline.”

Cases of troll virtual mobbing had forced some individuals to move into different addresses multiple times.

The image of one woman and child — for example — plastered onto pornographic material and claiming the parent as a paedophile can be a case of virtual mobbing. Without proper evidence of the truth, the abuse spreads to the parents.

Some disagree that the new CPS guidance could only bar trolls but may not work effectively in reality.

According to several legal analysts, the guidance cannot defend UK residents from individuals who ‘troll’ them from overseas, such as the United States or other hemispheres.

Olympus Fraud Case Dropped. Legal Experts For a System Reform

We can clearly see the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) move to drop the fraud case against Olympus Corporation a big hole in the country’s legal system. Legal experts all over the UK are calling for a reform of laws to guarantee that no company similar to the activities of Japanese company Olympus Corporation ever makes false and misleading statements in the future.


Accounting fraud can cause an imbalance in the financial system, which is protected by the law.

Olympus Corporation’s Legacy

The case began when former Olympus British Chief Executive Michael Woodford mentioned an alleged £1.1 billion accounting fraud accompanied by unusual consultants payments.

After referring the case to the SFO just two weeks after reigning in the company in his leadership, the companies, both Olympus in Japan and Gyrus Group, its representative in the UK, were charged with serious fraud.

False and misleading statements against the company’s auditors based itself on evidence that forgery had happened between 2010 and 2011.

The Failure Of British Prosecution

While the case is dropped in the United Kingdom, Olympus paid dearly in Japan. Fined with £3.7m despite three executives pleading guilty for covering up its losses, the three were given suspended jail sentences.

Legal experts highlighted the need for better and transparent laws that would allow the UK to prosecute companies in the land and clear old laws failing to meet modern demands.

“Toxic Claims” Legal Action Planned Against British Airlines

About seventeen former and serving cabin crew members intend to file a claim against British Airlines for contaminated air poisoning. The lawsuit follows the deaths of the airline’s employees Richard Westgate and Matthew Bass.

The family of the two believe their deaths are related to contaminated cabin air.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, incidents of smoke or fumes on planes are rare and there are no evidence of long-term health effects.

The case is funded by the Unite Union. The union is calling on a public inquiry into the contaminated cabin air. Lawyers are now working with the seventeen former and cabin crew members for personal injury claims against British airlines. The cases will be “individual” rather than collective.

According to a Victoria Derbyshire programme show, they have obtained uncensored safety reports submitted to the CAA. It indicated that between April 2014 and May 2015, there were 251 separate incidents of fumes or smoke inside a large passenger jet.

The statistics obtained did not include Lufthansa and Ryanair despite travelling in British airspace.

Repeated exposure to fume events with low-level exposure to chemicals could damage the long-term health of the cabin crew.