Volkswagen Faces Piling Charges Over Year-Old Emissions Scandal

Motorists across the United Kingdom piled class action lawsuits against Volkswagen due to its emissions test manipulation. About 35,000 motorists in England and Wales have filed their cases against the car manufacturing giant.


Harcus Sinclair partner Damon Parker said a small number of individuals concerned with their Volkswagen cars emitting more pollution as indicated in the news were falsely advertised to them. The number had began to increase as many said they would never purchase the vehicles upon understanding the harm it introduces in the environment.

Recently, the German car giant had pled guilty to all US charges against the environment. An estimated 600,000 vehicles were installed the emissions test-defeating software, which earned VW charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in the testing scheme.

VW was fined $4.3bn by US courts for civil and criminal penalties. Meanwhile, the UK has yet to penalise or punish the carmaker for its crimes in the United Kingdom. According to UK lawyers handling VW owners’ cases against the carmaker, their clients would ask for compensation from the car company as they paid more for the cars thought to have new engines that had less emission — a major selling point for most car buyers.


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