‘Snooper’s Charter’ Backed By House of Lords

The ‘Snooper’s Charter’ – also known as the Investigatory Powers Bill – is set to become UK law before the end of 2016. The approval of the bill would mean approved mass surveillance permitting the hacking of devices, networks and services for anyone in the United Kingdom.

Once approved, the bill allows authorities to access and maintain large databases of personal information collected from intercepted calls, emails and chat logs. Phone and Internet companies will be allowed to store consumer records for 12 months. Authorities will also have free reign to access these information with an instant request.

Security and encryption companies would have to build decryption keys on off-limit information, putting an end to the infinite use of end-to-end encryption typically used in messengers such as Apple’s Messages App.

During her years as Home Secretary, Prime Minister Theresa May had strongly vouched for the bill to ensure maximum security for the United Kingdom against possible terrorist attacks.

The legalisation of the bill guarantees immediate interception of possible terrorist activities in the country through tapping intelligence inaccessible currently without the new laws.

According to Scottish National Party’s Joanna Cherry, Britain is closing down democracy faster than any other Western country.

Ms Cherry adds that the IPB is quite honest with its allowances and permissions.

Organisations including Big Brother Watch and Privacy International had condemned the legislation of the bill as it would breach the fundamental human right to privacy.