The Effects Of Brexit on US Businesses

The Brexit was not as bad as analysts thought. But indeed, trouble still looms and the UK and EU still have lots to discuss about EU and UK employers in each other’s soil.

For US businesses in the United Kingdom, the employment laws may differ immensely after Prime Minister Theresa May and the European Union finalise the exit of the United Kingdom from Europe.

This would mean a plethora of changes from the United Kingdom itself. While the specifics may still be far, the UK would enter a flexible and less regulated regime. EU regulations that once applied to US business employees could change.

These include:

  • limits on working time and weekly maximum limits on working hours;
  • certain complex and technical aspects of statutory holiday rights (including the European requirement that workers on sick leave and maternity leave continue to accrue holiday) and in relation to on-call time and compensatory rest time;
  • the Agency Workers Regulations;
  • certain aspects of the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations; and
  • certain provisions relating to collective consultation requirements, and obligations in respect of works councils and information and consultation bodies.