Offshore Accounts Has Legalised Corruption Worldwide

Global banking and business connections has been the aim of the West’s globalisation to begin with.


In spite of multiculturalism knocking on almost anyone’s door through the Internet, everyone also enjoys a piece of cultural pies made from different cultures worldwide.

Unfortunately, that also meant organised criminals can come in different forms and cultural backgrounds.

‘Mafia’ and ‘mafioso’ at this point would mean differently. It isn’t just criminals hiding their moneys in casinos and up-front businesses anymore.

Because elites are also doing it. If you’ve been watching the Panama paper news closely, you know what I’m talking about.

British President David Cameron is also deep in hot water because of the issue. Several government officials, including the Prime Minister of Iceland had resigned partly due to these revelations.

Worldwide, governments have found officials engaging in legalised corrupt activity.

What that means is tax evasion.

In the United Kingdom, tax evasion is more of a way to minimise your yearly tax fees by a huge margin. Tax evasion also means you’re denying people their right to develop their own income and for governments to develop land for many people.

I know it’s not a socialist manner of thought. But capitalism has trusted the modern man to make the right decisions out of the goodness of their heart.

There’s always a way to corrupt or hack a political system. Unfortunately, nothing ever works.