Assange Is Circumventing The Law

After the UN Working Group On Arbitrary Detention said Julian Assange’s ongoing London Ecuadorian Embassy incarceration declared the imprisonment as contrary to international law, his supporters rejoiced. The Wikileaks founder had been living in the Embassy as Ecuador granted asylum to the man viewed as a hero and villain by many observers.

However, the ruling may either help Assange have an extended stay in the embassy.

Assange was accused of raping a woman. But his lawyers and the UN Working Group said that Sweden’s accusation of Assange’s crime is not supported with detailed evidence.

However, many view that Assange is using the system the way his political opponents would; avoid the law by any means necessary. UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond called the entire situation “ridiculous”.

Should countries belonging to the UN disregard the UN working group’s opinion, it can be a blow to human rights. Both Sweden and Britain have ignored the landmark opinion.

The Working Group said the facilities lacked the basic amenities needed, such as access to medical facilities and treatment. It said Assange’s health was at serious risk.

Meanwhile, Assange would be put to cruel and inhumane treatment in the US according to observers. This follows after Chelsea Manning, a whistleblower who violated the Espionage act, was subject to torture and abuse by US national security.