New Rehab Code For Personal Injury Cases Revealed

By December 1, a 1999-published rehabilitation code for people involved with personal injury cases is updated for the third time. The Association of British Insurers (ABI), legal groups and the International Underwriting Association, will have a new rehabilitation code that guarantees the streamlining of rehabilitation for individuals involved in low-value personal injury legal cases.

The new code clearly separates low-value claims worth below £25,000 in damages. It is a response to the number of claims in the section and the efficacy of a streamlined process for its quantity.

The new code also encourages rehab case managers to work closely with NHS clinicians providing treatment. It also guarantees that despite the streamlined process for low-value claims all patients will receive the best care and treatment possible.

More serious personal injury claims will still receive a specialised process depending on the situation. Rehab case managers will work closely with clinicians in identifying how to deal with the specialised process.

According to CSP Head of Practice Steve Tolan:

“The CSP recommends that members undertaking personal injury work take the time to review the rehab code.

“In particular, it’s important to understand the requirements which this code puts on record-keeping and assessment – especially to ensure that activities such as assessing mental capacity are within personal scope of practice”.