Stricter Laws on Using Anti-Biotics in Farms Enacted

California just enacted one of the strictest law surrounding anti-biotic use in farm animals as a preventative measure to stop the rapid evolution of viruses and bacteria in the cities, farms and hospitals.

Californian Governor Jerry Brown signed the restrictions on antibiotic use in the United States that would stop livestock producers from abusing anti-biotic usage to help grow animals.

About 70 per cent of medically important anti-biotics are sold to animal farmers.

Non-Therapeutic Uses

It is conventional for farmers to use anti-biotics to treat sick livestock and avoid contamination to other herds. This method allows them to retain control of the infection before it spreads. However, the use of anti-biotics to prevent diseases and cause better animal growth are both considered non-therapeutic usage.

Overuse of anti-biotics allows bacteria to evolve and gain resistance against the anti-biotic. Increasing numbers of casualties from anti-biotic resistance infections have inflicted 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses annually for California.

With bacteria rapidly outwitting drugs, manufacturers have less time to develop anti-biotics, which would take years to create going through formulation, trials and documentation.