Regardless of Election Results, UK “Snooping” Law May Be Constitutionlised

As the Tories claim victory during the weekend’s election, they are set to reintroduce the UK’s snooping law.

According to Home Secretary Theresa May, Prime Minister David Cameron’s declaration of a Conservative majority victory in Thursday’s general elections would also mean the provision of powers for security agencies and law enforcement agencies to keep up to date especially in the areas of communications data.

The Draft Communications Data Bill also known as the “Snoopers” Charter, would allow government agencies such as the GCHQ more capability to perform mass surveillance accessing phone records, browsing activities, text messages and social media usage.

The increased terrorism activities especially the attack on France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine by Islamic Extremists had driven most countries to introduce surveillance bills in respective parliaments. This is to the disappointment of human rights groups.

Canada is one of the other countries. to push and approve their surveillance bills.

It would seem that privacy is the first trade-off for a new and more effective UK Government.