Parliamentary Candidate Warns On Cycle Law

According to Labour Parliamentary Candidate Sir Keir Starmer, a change on laws protecting cyclists could have wider legal consequences. He said it could affect welfare benefits.

Starmer, a former Crown Prosecution Service Chief, said the law changes could presume anybody could be viewed in the wrong before the facts are established.

Starmer said the “presumed liability” in accidents involving cyclists places motorists in legal danger. Campaigners believe it would have motorists treat cyclists “better” and “take care of them in the road.”

However, Starmer stresses that the government must be fair in protecting both the motorists and cyclists. Every party is entitled to present evidence to prove they were or were not liable for such accidents.

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett did not agree with Starmer’s idea. She said:

“We are talking about civil liability here – so we’re not talking about anyone’s liberty or criminal cases. We’re talking about a situation if a vulnerable road user is killed or injured by a much larger, more dangerous vehicle they should be entitled to compensation unless it can be clearly shown they were at fault.

“That disparity should be recognised.”

“You can do it and you don’t feel like you’re taking your life into your hands because actually lorries move out into the other lane to overtake you.

“They don’t squeeze past your knee.”