Wales’ New Law Designed to Put Down Rogue Landlords

Rouge landlords who do not maintain their properties cannot evict tenants who complain. Meanwhile, tenants who domestically abuse their family members will be the only one evicted from the property, leaving the rest of the family in a secure home.

Nineteen of the tiny, dilapidated rooms are being let out above a McDonald’s restaurant in Islington

Communities Minister Lesley Griffiths said the new Renting Homes Bill will help make renting “clearer and easier for all”.

The new changes may have the following effects:

  • Only two types of rental contract – one for the private sector, the other for social housing
  • Tenants to be given easy-to-understand written contracts
  • Landlords evading responsibility to maintain property no longer able to evict tenants
  • New powers to evict domestic abusers without affecting others living at the property
  • Landlords given more flexibility to offer short-term tenancies e.g. for people who may have become homeless
  • 16 and 17-year-olds able to rent their own property for the first time

Meanwhile, some charities believe it may end the six month protection for new tenants.

Citizens Advice also warned it can increase early evictions in the private rental sector early this year.