UK Pornography: Updates About UK’s Promiscuous Industry

Last year, pornography became a hot topic in the United Kingdom following the rules UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the government intend to set out. By December 1 this year, the government has launched its Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014. The new regulations had introduced a series of restrictions in the pornographic material produced and sold in the country.

The new regulations include large censorship in the industry. It banned a list of sex acts towards mainstream content. Sex acts with a high premium based on a paid-for-video-on demand (VoD) online porn include BDSM, spanking and hard-core pornography.

VoD pornography online is regulated by the same guidelines used by the British Board of Film Censors and the rules R-18 movies in the country adhere to.

Full bondage, retraint, gagging, and female ejaculation are all banned from mainstream online content. Abusive language has also been banned, along with simulated rape or any form of non-consensual sexual activities. Urinating is only acceptable in pornography if the urine is not consumed by another person.

The law changes would definitely affect independent UK producers who provide content for LGBTs, BDSM and female-dominatrix pornography. Pain play and ‘trampling’, now subject to regulations, as well as female ejaculation, will push away these producers from the country.

According to the pornographic industry, the bans will impose an unnecessary trade barrier for independent UK producers. Many have shut down their production because of the new laws. It could also implicate new matters on internet freedom as it is clearly a move towards blocking access to some foreign websites.