Well, You Wouldn’t Want Them Fracking Beneath Your Home Now, Would You?

As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want anybody trespassing on your property because you paid for it and the deed entitles it to you. No one except you should profit from your property. But what if you just found out that the government had given companies consent to perform fracking underneath your houses? Definitely no, right?

But MPs in the United Kingdom don’t seem to think so. According to Naomi Klein, interviewed by the UK Periodical The Guardian, UK ministers are rewriting laws so that shale companies could accelerate the UK’s need for energy and profit through the shale revolution.


Klein noted that the government is colluding with energy companies to ensure the fracking laws proceed and that everyone gets a share of the profits to be made in oil and energy production.

Our ministers aren’t even listening. Last summer, a survey of 40,000 people asked about trespassing fracking said that they did not agree with the idea. However, Westminster still said they will go ahead with the legal change.

The market for shale gas and oil is tremendous. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the shale gas and oil industry is the next oil revolution because it could improve energy security, make energy affordable again and improve economies.

However, a little bit on your property investment is quite okay to sacrifice for the good of the world, right? Not really. I know millions of people who will agree with me on this.


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