UK Legal Services Sector Must Remain Globally Competitive

The export of goods and services from the United Kingdom to the world is not just through the manufacturing sector; we also extend our legal services, which are of high standard as I have always recalled, to other countries. Our biggest market is Europe. However, as other law industries in different countries continue to improve, in a few years, the UK might just be in hindsight compared to other legal industries worldwide.

According to Law Society Deputy Vice President Robert Bourns, the UK’s legal system has nothing wrong, but the government needs encouraging to protect the industry from losing the legal arms race worldwide. He iterated the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the United States and the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with Canada. Both of these agreements prevent UK services, including legal services, from reaching the two countries.

Bourns also points at the UK’s impending decision to leave the European Union. I should admit, I would like to stay away from the EU if it would help our government have more autonomy in governance. However, Bourns said if we leave the EU, we risk losing our EU clients. In my opinion, I think this is a small loss; they’ve seen how we are with law in the United Kingdom. We protect our people. I know that for a fact.

Meanwhile, it is highly important that we review all other agreements we have with other countries to ensure we can have the same opportunity to reach the global market of legal industries, which would help the UK remain as the top provider of legal services worldwide.