At Least That Israel Weapons Licence Disarray Will Contribute to Casualty Reduction

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg demanded that all arms export licences to Israel be suspended after the resignation of Foreign Office Minister Sayeeda Warsi. Obviously, we see here the clear stance UK politicians are taking against the Israel’s offensive against Gaza. I believe that without the licences, human rights can prevail.

It is a matter of profit versus human rights for the United Kingdom in removing some of the export licences. Despite encouragement from the UK government, some licences remained from UK Private Arms Manufacturers and Israel.

The UK cannot ignore that Israel had broken many humanitarian and wartime laws concerning the fighting against Gaza. Israel had bombed several UN declared safezones inside Gaza. Clegg is right in saying that the Israeli Defence Forces are overstepping their mark in Gaza.

The law is to be followed by anyone, but it is understandable that the Hamas follow no international constitution and law regarding the conventions of warfare. Israel has deemed the militant group as terrorists, along with the rest of the world, and probably they think the best way to put them down is to also not abide by the rules.

In any case, the arms delay should help reduce human casualties and the firepower of Israel against Gaza, which can prolong the ceasefire as it reduces the possible instance of breaking the agreement.