How Can the Law Really Protect Prostitutes?

The oldest profession in the world takes another hit in Canada as its Conservative government had declared prostitution illegal, and buying and selling it in public where there are minors will be considered violations. Critics agree with how I view it: it will only make prostitutes more vulnerable.

For many times, the Canadian High Court had slammed every anti-prostitution law that had been passed the previous year. However, this time, the High Court had agreed to the law, which will help protect prostitutes from “Pimps” and “Perverts.”

The law also bans advertising the services through print media and the internet.

Prostitution is acceptable simply because another individual has accepted her responsibility as a sexual worker. However, traditional moral beliefs often get in the way of protecting these women. Instead, religion and morals push them away from having protection from the government.

Canada will now consider it a crime for anyone who peddles, does and buys prostitution. However, the law does not completely protect those with expertise which are not in the mainstream field.

The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform also considers the new law to be a great let down of all Canadian sex workers. They predicted it will still end up in the high court again in a few years.