Rapid Solicitors Accused of Pushing Up NHS Bills

According to the NHS, Rapid Response Solicitors, or more well-known as Rapid Solicitors, were the group of advisers who had raised the NHS’ legal bills exponentially from the original compensation provided for patients.

NHS managers had cited cases wherein Rapid Solicitors drove up a £2,500 claim into a £58,000 compensation claim.

Another case was when Rapid Solicitors claimed £51,170 for a client who suffered from disorientation after medical negligence when it was originally just worth £737.71.

Today, the NHS had launched a crackdown against Rapid Solicitors and other law firms pushing up the NHS bill unnecessarily and the NHS will use the potential reserve funds for patient care.

According to the NHS Litigation Authority, who investigates fraudulent and excessive compensation cases, Rapid Solicitors is one of the biggest excessive fee chargers in the industry. NHSLA Chief Catherine Dixon said that the costs were outrageous and they are wrong to take money away from NHS care, whose fund they extract the NHS uses for patient care and improvement of services.

The NHSLA is billing Rapid Solicitors for £2 million in costs for 47 claims. The authority settled for a £539,563.

According to statistics, the NHS spends around £1.3 billion on medical negligence cases annually.

Despite the accusations, Rapid Response Solicitors were not available for comment.