UK’s Home Office Said It Will Defy EU Regarding Legal Highs

British ministers will be defying the European Union’s attempts to regulate legal highs. According to Home Office Minister Norman Baker, the European Commission will only paralyze the UK’s discretion to control psychoactive substances currently in the country’s market.

Baker argued that the EU’s argument that 20% of the legal highs in the country and in the rest of Europe have a legitimate use. However, the United Kingdom may face sanctions due to violations on controlling the policy on legal highs. Baker ensured that the UK’s defiance is not a sign that it is giving up the commitment on drug enforcement.

According to Baker, the UK Home Office only wants to have options that would enable them to deal with the dangers of the substances in a quick and efficient manner. Baker and other ministers were alarmed after drugs known as “legal highs” had claimed many lives in 2012.

The Office of National Statistics supports with records of death due to drugs jumping from 29 to 52 from 2011-2012.

Legal highs have been made illegal in the United Kingdom, but varieties of the drug with similar effects still exist in the country. Websites owned by independent and underground organisations with street suppliers are also making it easy for people to purchase the legal highs.