Court Separates Son With Autism from Abusive Mother

The court had separated a 25 year old son with what medical professionals likely said to have Asperger’s syndrome who lived with his abusive mother. Despite the abusive treatment he receives, the autistic son, only known as WMA, wanted to stay with his mother.

His mother, known as MA, had her autistic son locked inside the house and rarely allowed him outside. WMA has no social skills and no ability to look after himself. The mother had neglected care and maintenance for their house. The court Judge Martin Cardinal said that the photographs of the house was revolting.

Most of the time, I am emphatic to those with autism. I have a cousin that had Asperger’s and it was very hard taking care of them. However, in this case, the court’s decision was harsh, but effective. It was harsh because nothing is more painful than a mother separated from her son. Her son, regardless of autism, only knew her as his guide and guardian, also feels pain being separated.

Nobody has the right to inhumanly treat another, especially if the person has a special disorder and based on the photographs taken by the local council, I would agree that the mother does not deserve any kind of son or offspring with that kind of treatment. People with special disorders also feel it when they are being abused and nobody has the right to condemn them because they did not choose what they have become.