Money Saving Expert Calls on PPI Claimants to Reclaim their PPI

An undercover investigation by a Times Magazine reporter revealed that Lloyds’ Royal Mint Court Centre intentionally mishandled many consumer PPI claims. Martin Lewis calls on UK customers to reclaim their PPI as soon as they can.

A Times Magazine reporter went undercover as a recruit for Lloyds’ PPI claims handling centre in Royal Mint Court. The reporter shed light about bank trainers telling recruits that the job was “morally difficult” because they need to keep a “blind eye” on obviously forged documents and treat them as if the customer actually filled them up. They also encouraged recruits to reject claims because the Financial Ombudsman can resolve the claims more effectively.

Public outrage sparked against Lloyds, who pointed to contractor Deloitte for the shortcomings. Lloyds said they have fired Deloitte, their contractor in Royal Mint Court, because they have not met the standards set by Lloyds for handling PPI claims.

Martin Lewis said that if Lloyds or any bank or lender has turned your PPI claim down, it is important that you fight if you feel you were mis sold the insurance policy. Lewis, one of the founders of Money Saving Expert, said that re-filing your claim was part of the system.

Lloyds said that it does not endorse the comment and statements the trainers made to recruits following The Times reporter’s undercover report because they do not reflect the high straining standards of their claims handlers.