A Discussion of UK’s Animal Protection Laws

I own a dog, a terrier, which I’ve lived alone with for 10 years. Then, one morning, I end up seeing my friendly and lovely dog tied up to a tree, deceased. Authorities found out who did the deed with my dog and I had to get justice for my companion. Here’s where I understood more about UK’s animal protection laws, which I would love to discuss with you.

UK’s laws punish those who cruelly beat, ill-treat, over-ride, over-drive, overload, infuriate or terrify any kind of animal. The law also protects the animal’s right not to be injected with injurious or poisonous substance. Any unnecessary suffering brought on the animal is punishable by law.

This argument in itself is how I took my dog’s killer’s to court and had them sentenced for their crimes.

The law, which is part of the Animals Act 1911 in the United Kingdom, also protects animals by imposing a lifetime punishment of the deprivation of owning any legally-licensed animal in the country. Animal fight advertisements, such as cock derbies or anybody attending animal fights without any reasonable excuse shall have a gigantic fine for their activities.

UK’s animal protection laws really did give my dog a chance at justice. Dogs are not just animals who could be maltreated. Some people live with their pets as their companions. To treat the animals cruelly as they are defenceless is a cowardly act, and, me, gratefully says that the UK laws at least protect those little innocent souls and give them justice from those who abuse their superiority.


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