Racism Laws: Their Effectivity in The United Kingdom

Workplace discrimination is one issue, but it is not only in the workplace where most ethnic groups suffer from general racism. Racism roots from culture and history and modern people carry on this belief in a false, counter-productive sense. Although the UK has laws against racism, has it actually affected the viewpoint of the nation’s citizens?

There are many types of racism that exist in the United Kingdom, these are

Elite Racism – Generalizations about different ethnic groups, politicians and implies an acceptance of white British cultural superiority

Situated Racism – Local level racism that is common in the workplace, municipalities, towns and marginalized people.

I’ve read that professionals pin down racism to the core of culture and physical dissociation. This includes color, ethnicity, physical attributes, even the way a person dresses or keeps up their hygiene.

UK’s anti-racism laws only point out that authorities can arrest  and penalize individuals for insulting different ethnicities or making libellous statements, but this is only to make racists “afraid”.  People still say that their freedom of speech is important and if their statements do not go beyond professional and violent borders, it is allowable.

However, workplace and maltreatment due to race is common in most European workplaces. No law could ever change history and the perspectives of a few arrogant people.


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