Child Custody in the UK

child-custodyIn the event that a marriage is dissolved, legal separation of assets are also in order. A couple going through divorce is not an easy walk in the park emotionally, financially and physically. This goes the same for couples who are undergoing separation. As assets are assessed further, questions are raised: What happens to the children? Who gets custody?

In the UK, child custody law is determined on who should be responsible for the care and guardianship after divorce or separation. There are parents who decide to share custody of the child or children. This means that a child would be able to spend equal time with both his or her parents. In this option, parents are allowed to participate in the decision-making that is best suitable for a child. Having said that, if parents are unable to settle amicably, the court will decide which living arrangement is best for their child (or children) on their behalf.

It is also noted that in England, the courts are not in the routine to make orders about children. The courts will not intervene. There may be difficulties in terms of a parent not letting their child stay with another. The divorcing couple are left to figure out how to settle about the future child care arrangements amongst themselves.


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